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Sofia's Law.

" Better to be Lucky than Good, ask any player! "

How would you like to know when your luck is hot and when it's not? Imagine having the ultimate edge, an aliance formed with the heavens. More precisely with the moon. Our luck is tied to the lunar cycle. While some of us are sensitive to a full moon, others might feel lucky during a new moon. However, all of us can expect lady luck to visit us and once we discover the lunar phase we are influenced by, we will know the exact time in each cycle.

At LunarBeat, we will provide you with this valuable information by taking a simple daily test. Our mission is to chart your results with the lunar phase of that day for three lunar cycles, roughly three months. After three lunar cycles you will start seeing a pattern between the days you score higher coinciding with the same particular phase of the moon within its cycle. Conversely days you score well below average will fall on their own phase within the lunar cycle. Of course, you can take the test as many times as you want to observe if a better than average pattern emerges before going to the casino.

Aside from the obvious benefits, what we are hoping to do is expand our sense of self awareness to appreciate our connection to one another, our world and beyond. When your consciousness evolves to embrace the world as your family, you'll truly know what it is to have "the force be with you"